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SnapCharge Pro

SnapCharge Pro

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SnapCharge Pro - Your Cable, Your Way!

Meet the SnapCharge Pro, the magnetic phone charging cable that adapts to your lifestyle. Its detachable magnetic connectors make plugging in your device a breeze, even in the dark. With a high-speed data transfer rate and rapid charging capabilities, SnapCharge Pro keeps you connected and powered up on-the-go. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional cables and say hello to convenience redefined.

This magnetic charging cable has super magnetism, which can ensure a stable connection. Insert the magnetic pen tip into the charging port of the mobile phone to prevent dust from sticking. LED lights make it easier for you to find cables in the dark. Equipped with 3 different types of magnetic suction heads, Micro USB and Type C and Lightning. You can charge two different devices at once.

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